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Since 2014, New York State has been promising to level the playing field for renewable energy access for all New Yorkers via the REV (Reforming the Energy Vision) process, a series of policy changes to how we produce, regulate and distribute energy. Nevertheless, private utilities and their protectors in New York’s regulatory system have repeatedly blocked or slowed equitable access to renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy affordability – with decision such as lowering solar power’s value proposition to bailing out dangerous old nuclear plants with $1.3 million per day that could be going toward renewable energy. These decisions have harmed New York’s most vulnerable populations and jeopardized our transition to renewable energy.

The Energy Democracy Alliance fights for a renewable, equitable, accountable, and local energy system by building power together to overcome utility and corporate influence in the clean energy transition. Our successes include winning a low-income community solar program from the New York State Research and Development Authority for 10,000 households, a loan loss reserve for community solar projects, amplifying the call for a more accountable Public Service Commission, and building a solid network of allies for stronger net metering policies in New York State (which will be the foundation for a major campaign we are launching this month). All of these interventions will help New Yorkers marginalized by the current energy system to participate in and take leadership over the renewable energy economy.