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Protect Community Solar  – Take Action Now

The New York State Legislature is considering an important bill to restore access to community solar in New York. Please help us get this bill passed. Contact your Assemblymember and your Senator and ask them to support this bill. The bill puts a 3-year moratorium on a harmful policy that was pushed by utility companies to make community solar more complicated for participants and to devalue the energy that is generated by shared renewable energy. Community solar is a key to energy democracy; it allows us to co-own and collaboratively participate in solar energy, without having to put it on our rooftops. It creates solar access and energy bill savings for renters and others who cannot put solar on their own property. But utility companies successfully convinced NY energy regulators to create a complicated policy called “Value of Distributed Energy Resources (VDER)” to undermine and slow down community solar. The bill we are supporting will stop VDER for three years and make sure that energy regulators fix the problems with the policy so that community solar can be simplified and fully valued for the benefits it brings to our communities!

Read the bill  here. The bill number for the Assembly version is A10474. The Senate version is S08273.  


Don’t delay! Call them today!

Ask them to make sure this bill gets passed in the New York State Legislature.