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All New Yorkers deserve access to renewable energy, regardless of where you live or how much you make. Unfortunately, the state’s current policy for valuing solar power is incredibly unequal. This policy, called VDER (“Value of Distributed Energy Resources”), has put solar power out of reach for low income communities and communities of color across the state, and pushes renewable energy investment away at a time when we need to be transitioning off of fossil fuels. The Public Service Commission has proposed some changes, but because of pressure from the corporate utilities, they are dragging their heels on implementing any real solutions.

HERE is a sample letter for legislators to send to the Public Service Commission.

Community solar is a key to energy democracy; it allows us to co-own and collaboratively participate in solar energy, without having to put it on our rooftops. It creates solar access and energy bill savings for renters and others who cannot put solar on their own property. But utility companies successfully convinced NY energy regulators to create a complicated policy called “Value of Distributed Energy Resources (VDER)” to undermine and slow down community solar. They have the power to change this policy, but they need to hear from state legislators – and state legislators in turn need to hear from you!

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Ask your legislators to send a letter to the New York Public Service Commission