Right to Efficiency

New Yorkers should not have to make a choice between housing that is healthy, efficient or affordable

Governor Cuomo has recently announced that he will be establishing new energy efficiency standards for New York – read a response letter HERE from climate justice and environmental justice groups from across the state.

Working class people and people of color pay a higher proportion of their income on energy costs, but these groups are often excluded or actively deterred from accessing energy efficiency and clean energy financing programs. As ratepayers, working class New Yorkers have paid surcharges on utility bills to fund energy efficiency programs, but the money collected has not been redistributed in a proportional or progressive manner. Renters are also barred from realizing the benefits of efficiency due to lack of decision-making ability in the buildings where they live. This unequal treatment exacerbates inequity in health, wealth and well-being outcomes.

The Energy Democracy Alliance seeks to relieve inequitable energy burden imposed on low-income New Yorkers, to eliminate environmental, racial and economic injustice and energy insecurity, to ensure widespread and meaningful participation in democratic decision-making, and to maximize social, economic, and health benefits of energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency policy should confer the following benefits on New Yorkers:

  • Lower rates of utility shut-offs
  • Lower morbidity and mortality associated with a lack of electricity, heating or cooling particularly during extreme cold and heat events
  • Reduced energy bills, resulting in a reduced financial burden
  • Healthier and more comfortable indoor environments
  • Access to living wage green jobs for disadvantaged workers
  • Preservation of housing affordability
  • Increased housing quality.

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