Utility Debt Shut Off Countdown

The utility debt shut off moratorium extension ends December 22nd 2021, potentially leaving thousands of New Yorkers without essential services such as heat, electricity and water.

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People are 60+ Days Behind on Their Utility Bill

Average Debt Per Household

Utility Debt of Residential Customers in NYS

We need to Cancel The Utility Debt Now

The pandemic and subsequent recession continue to have a devastating impact on everyday New Yorkers. As of October  2021,  still nearly 1.2 million households and 143K businesses in NY are 60 days or more behind on their energy bills. The energy debt of these customers is over $2 billion total, with each indebted residential household owing an average of $13 hundred to the utilities. These households are now at risk of electricity and gas shutoffs, given that the moratorium on shutoffs expired at the end of june.

This debt adds to and compounds the cumulative burden for New Yorkers who are already struggling. With evictions on the rise and the potential increase in covid cases for the winter. People are going to continuously drown deeper in debt. Which has consequences leading to lack of necessities like being able to provide, heat, food, electricity or even a roof over the heads of their families.

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Make Shareholders Pay

While the pandemic and recession have spelled disaster for everyday New Yorkers, the corporate utilities and their shareholders have profited. Utilities have continued to ask for even higher returns on equity in their rate cases and have paid their shareholders millions in dividends during this crisis.We know that the utilities have enough money to pay off this debt. If we are serious about providing relief for struggling New Yorkers, then utilities and their shareholders must share in that effort.