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Advocates Renew Call for People’s Commissioner on PSC
June 12, 2017


NEW YORK – Consumer advocates have renewed their call for a people’s commissioner to serve on the state’s Public Service Commission.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has chosen nominees for two of the three vacant seats on the PSC: John Rhodes, the current head of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, and Phil Wilcox, business representative for IBEW Local 97, a labor union.

Now Ceci Pineda, resiliency training and policy coordinator for the social services group Good Old Lower East Side (GOLES), wants the governor to fill the final seat with someone who will represent the people and the environment.

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Another Voice: We need to transition to a clean energy future
June 7, 2017


Following the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced several encouraging initiatives that will help keep New York State at the front lines in the fight against climate change. The governor has joined with the governors of California and Washington in forming the U.S. Climate Alliance to meet the Paris goals.

And as part of a new Clean Climate Careers Initiative, the governor has pledged up to $1.5 billion for mass deployment of energy efficiency and renewables, and the creation of 40,000 new jobs.

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PSC Cartoon: Governor Cuomo, How about a place for the disempowered?
June 7, 2017


 Every once in a while we get a photo or other piece of artwork instead of a letter to the editor to express an opinion. This cartoon by artist Steve Greenberg comes from the New York Energy Democracy Alliance, on how, it maintains, ordinary people are left out of the state Public Service Commission’s process of deciding energy policy.

Ensuring Renewable Power for All New Yorkers
May 23, 2017


Governor Cuomo is expected to tap John Rhodes as chair of the Public Service Commission.Rhodes has served as head of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority since 2013. Clean energy community groups are not excited about this choice to lead the PSC but do see an opportunity for the remaining two vacant seats on the commission. Joining us to explain is Adam Flint from the New York Energy Democracy Alliance.

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Capitol Pressroom: Katherine Nadeau and Russ Haven
April 24, 2017


We heard how major decisions by the Public Service Commission, including upstate nuclear subsidies, will be affected by who is chosen to fill the open seats on the commission. Our guests are Katherine Nadeau, Program Director for the Catskill Mountainkeeper, and Russ Haven, Legislative Counsel for NYPIRG.”

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Cuomo Urged to Appoint “People’s Commissioners” to PSC
April 14, 2017

ALBANY, N.Y. – The people need a voice on the Public Service Commission. That’s the message community leaders delivered to Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday. Three of the five seats on the powerful Public Service Commission are vacant, and they’re usually filled with people who represent the needs of the energy industry.

But Kelly Roache senior program manager at Solstice, an organization that promotes community solar power, was among those in the State Capitol calling on the governor to appoint a “people’s commissioner” to serve the interests of the public and the environment.

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Activists want a ‘People’s Commissioner’ on the PSC
April 13, 2017


A group of activists representing low-income customers and environmentalists are calling for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to nominate what they term a ”People’s Commissioner’ to the Public Service Commission.

While they have submitted a list of names of potential nominees to the governor, members of The Energy Democracy Alliance haven’t made that list public.

But they say they want at least one commissioner who is tuned into the issues facing needy New Yorkers as well as someone who will push for the energy efficiency goals that Cuomo has called for.

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Environmental Groups to Cuomo: Use RGGI Dollars for Solar Grants
March 30, 2017


ALBANY, N.Y. – Environmental advocates want money from state climate pollution reduction efforts to fund direct grants for community solar.

The state Assembly’s budget bill would dedicate $23 million collected through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI for grants to bring solar power to low-income and environmental justice communities.

But Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to make that same amount available as tax credits that would otherwise be supported by the state’s General Fund.

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Climate change funds in state budget struggle
March 28, 2017


As President Donald Trump took a hammer Tuesday to U.S. climate change policy, the state’s climate change program is again in a budgetary fight between Gov. Andrew Cuomo, state lawmakers and environmental advocates.

At issue is what to do with millions of dollars raised by the 9-year-old Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a program that charges electric power plant owners based on emissions of climate-changing greenhouse gas.

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Community solar advocates support using RGGI funds to support industry
March 27, 2017


Advocates for community solar want the state budget to use $23 million from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative for direct grants to community solar in low-income and environmental justice communities.

The proposal, advanced in the Assembly’s one-house budget, is the best use of that money, wrote a coalition of environmental groups in a letter to state leaders on Monday. The letter was signed by the Energy Democracy Alliance, Environmental Advocates for New York, the Acadia Center and other groups.

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