Energy Democracy Alliance Calls on Governor Cuomo to Appoint “People’s Commissioners” to the Public Service Commission


In response to the impending departures of Chairwoman Zibelman and Commissioner Acampora from the Public Service Commission, the New York Energy Democracy Alliance has issued the following statement:

“The impending departures of Chairwoman Zibelman and Commissioner Acampora from the Public Service Commission come at a critical moment in New York State’s transition to a clean, renewable energy economy. While progress has been made by the PSC in recent years to advance Governor Cuomo’s signature clean energy initiative, Reforming the Energy Vision, serious work remains to ensure that this transition is equitable and just.

“All New Yorkers, but especially low-income communities and communities of color vulnerable to climate disruption and victimized by economic disinvestment and environmental burdens, should have meaningful opportunities to participate in the clean, renewable energy economy of the future. Moreover, they should have meaningful opportunities to reap the benefits of this new economy; living wage green jobs, reduced energy burdens, improved health outcomes, community control of distributed energy resources, and environmental justice.

“The PSC can play a critical role in ensuring these benefits are accessible to communities most impacted by climate change and energy burdens, and should be held accountable in the event targeted reinvestment goals are not met. We call on the Governor and the NYS Legislature to seize on this moment of uncertainty to appoint a ‘people’s commissioner’ at the PSC who can not only serve the mission of the commission but also represent the needs and uplift the fortunes of low-income New Yorkers and New Yorkers of color.  To this end, a people’s commissioner should have direct experience and a proven track record of advocating for the needs of people in environmental justice communities, low-income households, and people of color. The New York Energy Democracy Alliance stands ready to work with the Governor to support the appointment of such a commissioner.”

About the New York Energy Democracy Alliance 

The New York Energy Democracy Alliance (EDA) is a statewide alliance of community-based organizations, grassroots groups, and policy experts working together to advance a just and participatory transition to a resilient, localized, and democratically controlled clean energy economy in New York State. The EDA formed in response to New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) proceeding – a state overhaul of energy policy and renewable energy funding. The REV is a historic process that will shape our energy future for generations to come. The EDA holds regulators, political leaders, and energy companies accountable, and works to ensure that the benefits of our energy system flow to all New Yorkers, especially poor, working class people, and communities of color. All New Yorkers, regardless of their background, should have access to the benefits of renewable energy and a sustainable and equitable energy future.