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Right now, the Public Service Commission is accepting comments on a staff report on how to value distributed energy resources such community solar, rooftop solar and large-scale solar. The New York Energy Democracy Alliance believes the recommendations outlined in the report are wholly inadequate to ensure that solar energy will be accessible to those who need it most – the poor and the working class. See below to learn more, and click here to submit a comment.

As opposed to the recommendations outlined in the staff report, we propose that the final policy must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be simple and clear: Prospective solar customers and solar developers should be able to easily understand the rules.
  2. Ensure equity: Renters and those who cannot install solar panels on their own property should not receive a lower value for their investment when compared with homeowners who happen to have solar-friendly roofs. Small community-based and municipal developers should not be crowded out of the market by rules that favor large developers. Large commercial power consumers should not be favored over residential customers.
  3. Increase access: The outcome of the policy should be that solar access for all communities in New York is improved, particularly for poor and working class people, people of color, and others who have historically been blocked from the economic and environmental benefits of solar.
  4. Be predictable: The policy should be consistent and avoid disruptions and market uncertainty, which deter investment and the long-term commitments necessary to keep solar energy financially viable.
  5. Value community impact: Any policy that purports to capture the costs and benefits of an energy resource must take into account the environmental, health, and economic development benefits provided by clean, locally-owned, distributed energy projects.
  6. Reflect national research: The majority of research into the value of solar views retail net metering rates as a floor for solar value, rather than a ceiling, so any proposal for change should meet this standard.

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